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Copa and Cogeca are the united voice of farmers and agri-cooperatives in the EU. Together, we ensure that EU agriculture is sustainable, innovative and competitive, while guaranteeing food security for 500 million people throughout Europe. 



Congratulations to Gian Luca Bagnara (ACI - IT ) for his election on 18/01/21 as Chair of the Copa-Cogeca Working Party "Poultry and Eggs” and to his Vice-Chairs Jean-Michel Schaeffer (FNSEA - FR) and EricHubers (LTO - NL). Copa and Cogeca want to thank Vice-Chair Anna Zubkow (FBZPR - PL) and Charles Bourns (NFU - UK) who led the WP since 2003.



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Agriculture is one of the most integrated sectors at European level, at the heart of many initiatives by the European institutions. Copa and Cogeca are organised in order to respond to the challenges and questions posed by European decision-makers, allowing European farmers and cooperatives to put forward their views and proposals on a maximum of subjects directly and indiscriminately affecting their activities. You will find within the following 12 categories our positions on key issues affecting the future of European agriculture.

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Our Vision – We Farm 4 EU

The coming decade is pivotal for EU agriculture. Many challenges lie ahead. We will face difficult debates on generation renewal, low farm income, market volatility and climate change. As European farmers and cooperatives, we are aware of and ready to navigate these difficult issues and to weather the changes in store. We seek to deliver the type of agriculture that our citizens expect and demand: agriculture that provides a high level of food security and high standards of quality, welfare, sustainability and environmental protection. This is our commitment to Europe! In return, we look to Europe’s leaders to deliver the policy framework that will feed our future. 

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Brexit – Lightning quick response needed to avoid more border chaos

It is very positive that negotiations have finally reached a conclusion, and we would like to thank Michel Barnier and his team for their tireless work. In particular we thank the EU’s negotiating team for taking agri-food sector needs into account, working to ensure the integrity of the Single Market and for avoiding large tariffs which would have hit food and drink operators under a ‘no deal’ scenario.


European agri-food associations urge the Commission to adjust the 2021 Annual Work Programme with a less dogmatic approach to make efficient use of its promotion budget for sustainable agri-food goods

We, ten of the leading European associations in agriculture and agri-food, strongly urge the European Commission to adjust the budget of its 2021 Annual Work Programme (AWP) of the Promotion Policy to better reflect market reality and use promotion funds in a way that will truly allow all players in the sector to maximise its reach and sustainability impact. We believe that the promotion of organic products should be supported, even above their market share in order to boost its development....

15.12.2020 #OPEN LETTER

BREXIT - Five urgent requests on EU-UK trade relations

Our priority is to safeguard jobs and allow the agri-food sector to thrive. At this eleventh hour we call on negotiators to strike a comprehensive tariff and quota-free trade agreement with close harmonisation of rules, including on sanitary and phytosanitary measures and technical barriers to trade. We must strive for a level playing field, including on workers’ rights.


No, the CAP proposal is not a greenwashing exercise!

by Christiane Lambert, Copa President (23.10.20)

International Rural Women Day

A message of encouragement from Lotta Folkesson, Chair of COPA Women's Committee (15.10.20)

Let's not become surrealistic and "call a spade a spade" #cecinestpasunsteak

The debate on meat and dairy denominations for plant-based imitations is far more complex than it seems at first glance (15.10.20)

Sustainable Forest Management for Forest Biodiversity

This campaign is powered by the forest and forest-based sectors to provide insight into the contribution of SFM in enhancing forest biodiversity (12.10.20)

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